When is this year’s event?
The date of the event is given at the home page of the website. The date of the next event is posted on the home page as soon as it is known.

How do I get there and can I park my car?
This information, with map, can be found in the Getting Here section of the website.

Is there accommodation available?
Local accommodation information can be found on the Eilean Eisdeal website.

Can we camp?
Unfortunately, there is no camping allowed on Easdale Island nor in the near-by village of Ellenabeich. We just do not have the facillities. The nearest camp site is in Oban. Other Oban accommodation can be found at Oban and Lorn Tourist Alliance

Is there a bus service?
There is no bus service to Easdale Island on a Sunday. Services on other days are run by West Coast Motors.

Do I need to bring stones?

Skimming stones made of Easdale slate will be available for contestants to use. You do not need to bring your own.