world stone skimming championships Easdale Island Scotland

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World Stone Skimming Championships 2007 (pic Davie Walker) TV presenter Nigel Buckland (Wales) at the 2007 Championships (pic Davie Walker) Bertie the TV star 2008 (pic Laura McMahon) Mellon the score keeper 2008 (pic Laura McMahon) Adrian Laycock 2005 Alastair Judkins (NZ & Easdale) winning skim 2002 Bertie laying down the law to a junior (pic Laura McMahon) Bertie's buckets (pic Laura McMahon) skimming 2001 (pic Davie Walker) it went that way 2007 (pic Davie Walker) Big Ade 2005 Ped - tossing for Oban and Denmark spectators 2008 (pic Davie Walker) the first aiders - all qualified doctors and pharmacists (pic Laura McMahon) one dog and his man (pic Laura McMahon) the biggest tosser perhaps? Tony Kynn's winner 2006 start 'em young - Chloe Campbell in the Under 10 category (pic Victoria Hillman) Rhiannon Jackson's first attempt at the Bertie (pic Victoria Hillman) Rhodri waves his stone goodbye as it sails towards the back wall (pic Victoria Hillman) Not like that, daddy! (pic Victoria Hillman) Simon Fraser points the way to an under 15s medal (pic Victoria Hillman) Former World Champion, Sheena Robertson, gies it laldy for the Pink Ladies (pic Victoria Hillman) Billy Robertson - the only member of the T-Birds to wear a wig (pic Victoria Hillman) Dougie Isaacs on his way to his third World Championship (pic Victoria Hillman) Paul Crabtree of England - Runner Up 2010 (pic Victoria Hillman) Jamie Melville takes the Bertie 2010 while a completely and utterly impartial and not the least bit biased, Donald Melville looks on. (pic Victoria Hillman) Gerry Davies of Wales and main sponsors, Forteiths. Plenty hwyl. Tidy. (pic Victoria Hillman)