The World Stone Skimming Championships: RESULTS



Peter Szep

Peter Szep
(photo: Jordan Young – LoveLiveRun)

1st Peter Szep Hungary BW/122m cumulative
2nd Ron Long Wales BW/107m cumulative
3rd Alex Lewis Scotland BW/52m cumulative
Old Tosser (men) Ron Long Wales Back Wall (BW)
Bertie Jamie Melville Scotland 51m


Lucy Wood

Lucy Wood with Margaret Temlett
(photo: Jordan Young – LoveLiveRun)

1st Lucy Wood England 38m
2nd Lynsay McGeachy Scotland 35m
3rd Kerstin Voss USA 34m
Old Tosser (women) Irene Tulloch Scotland 14m

Junior boys (10-15 incl)

1st Cameron Hunter England 45m
2nd Finlay Dower Belgium 36m
3rd Asher Johnson USA 29m

Junior girls (10-15 incl)

1st Bea Del Priore Scotland/Italy 21m
2nd Silvana Donaldson Scotland 13m
3rd Maeve MacLean New Zealand 11m

Under-10 boys

1st Izen Bird Scotland 34m
2nd MacKenzie Wolfson Scotland 33m
3rd Alick Spurway Scotland 23m

Under-10 girls

Lulubelle Neilson

1st Lulubelle Neilson Scotland 9m
2nd Abbie Nimmo Scotland 7m
2nd Rosie Struthers Scotland 7m


2018team In It 2 Skim It

In It 2 Skim It

(photo: Jordan Young – LoveLiveRun)

1st In It 2 Skim It
(Alex Lewis, Paul Crabtree, Kevin Whaltham, Tim Wright)

Complete results of the post-2008 Championships

We have the complete results from the day’s skimming, including all the contestants three skims, including no throws and no shows. Now you can see how you fared against your friends (or deadliest rivals) and prove to your mates in your pub/work/school/nursery that you were really there.

Over-all Champions since 1997:

Dougie Isaacs 2011
Dougie Isaacs 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Scott Finnie 2000
Scott Finnie 2000

Ian Shellcock 1998, 1999

2017 Keisuke Hashimoto Japan back wall
2016 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2015 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2014 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2013 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2012 Ron Long Wales back wall
2011 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2010 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2009 David Gee England 54m
2008 Eric Robertson Scotland 54m
2007 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2006 Tony Kynn Australia back wall
2005 Dougie Isaacs Scotland back wall
2004 Andrew McKinna Scotland 47m
2003 Ian Brown Scotland 55m
2002 Alastair Judkins New Zealand (& Easdale) back wall
2001 Iain MacGregor Australia 65m
2000 Scott Finnie Scotland 54m
1999 Ian Shellcock England 50m
1998 Ian Shellcock England 53m
1997 Ian Sherriff New Zealand 55m