The World Stone Skimming Championships: ABOUT

Official Rules of the World Stone Skimming Championships are:

  • Skimming stones must be no more than 3 inches in diameter and formed naturally of Easdale slate
  • To qualify, the stone must hit the water 3 times and sink within the designated lane as marked by the buoys
  • Skims are judged on the distance thrown rather than the number of bounces
  • Competitors hitting the back wall are entered into a ‘Three Stone Toss-Off’ which is judged by the cumulative distance of their three tie-break throws.
  • The judges’ decision is final

Categories and entrance fees:

Adult Ladies and Men (16 and over): £5
Old Tossers Ladies and Men (60 and over): £3
Junior Girls and Boys (age 10-15 years): £2
Under 10s Girls and Boys: £1

Team members pay an extra £1 each to be part of the team competition.


Old Tosser Ron Long of Wales 2010
The Old Tosser: Ron Long


The competition is split into Ladies, Men, Junior Boys and Girls and Under 10s Boys and Girls categories. There is also the Ladies and Men Old Tosser categories for those entrants who have reached the experienced and veteran heights of no longer being in their 50s! Entrants to this section will throw at the same time as the other adults in the order in which they register. Be sure and mark your registration form if you wish to enter this category!

The World Stone Skimming Cup is presented to the over-all winner, and there is a Salver for both Men’s Champion and Women’s Champion and The Puffer Trophy for the winning team. There are also slate medals going to the best junior skim and 2nd and 3rd runner-up in each category. ‘The Bertie‘, named after the event’s founder, is presented to the Easdale Islander who skims the furthest. ‘The Old Tosser Walking Sticks‘, are awarded to the male and female contestants over 60 with the longest skims.


In the Team category, members register as individuals as normal but, in addition, name the team that they are taking part in. Teams must consist of up to four individuals, of either sex, and any age category. Their three throws count towards their individual entry AND towards the Team entry.

Team members will have the total length of their three throws added together, then each team member’s individual total will be added together to form the team total. The winning team will be the team that throws the largest cumulative distance thrown by all four entrants.

An individual can win in both the individual event and as part of a team from their one lot of three throws. Team members pay an extra £1 each to be part of the team competition.